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The future of DAPE


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This is just a topic to get the ball rolling.

I see the future of DAPE as “not that great”. While this is merely the opinion of one person and is quite anecdotal, I am merely expressing my experiences.

When I was at the U of South Dakota, we started an adapted PE minor. Two years later, we had an external review by PE professionals. Their report said to “eliminate the APE minor” since the state of SD did not have a certification in it anymore. The state of Kansas does not have a certification either and that program was dropped from the U of Kansas in the late 1990’s.

As well, the rise of exercise science programs and sport management programs is seeing that most chairs of PE programs are exercise scientists, they do not value DAPE. Why? Because there is no grant money involved. And with the downturn in PETE and not that many PETE candidates, there will be less emphasis on PE thus affecting it’s sister DAPE.

Just my thoughts.


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I am so glad you are wanting to talk about the future of DAPE.  I think you hit the nail on the head!  I’ve also been very worried about this and see there is a lack of support from many colleges and universities in seeing the important value DAPE coursework has within PETE programming make-up.  I had a wonderful experience at Minnesota State University- Mankato and enjoyed my master’s coursework.  I felt energized and supported.  Many of the PETE undergrad students were encouraged to take coursework to receive the DAPE certification. 

Here in Helena, MT. the undergrad students in the PETE program at Carroll College only receive a portion of a DAPE course within another course…that’s it.  They used to have a few separate DAPE courses, but those were dropped.  Our future P.E. teachers are graduating with little to no experience working with students with disabilities…it’s very sad. 

I would really like to talk through this more with our forum group and work on practical ideas related to how we as professionals can muster support within the PETE program ranks as well as our college and university administrators.

Thanks for the first post Timothy!