A new Developmental Adapted PE Site!

Hi, I’m Sharon Brown; I teach Developmental Adapted Physical Education in Duluth, Minnesota, USA. I’m thrilled to introduce a website where we as Adapted PE teachers from around the world can collaborate, communicate and encourage one another as we work to improve students lives. This site started as an idea which I expressed on Linked-in. I received some encouraging responses and turned my husband loose on creating this site. I now have the bare bones in place for a functional site.

I want to get as much input as possible to help me flush out this site’s details. But, here are my thoughts so far:

Many adapted physical education professionals in the world are thinking and growing in the profession. I’d like this to be a place for these people to express themselves, share their ideas and teaching methodologies and approaches. I’m kind of isolated as a professional up here in Montana and would like to use this site as a collaboration facilitator among my colleagues. Perhaps many of you would like to connect with each-other on a professional level as well.

So far, the site has a section named Articles, which is our blog; (you’re in that section now). I hope others in the community would write articles for this area of the site. The site also has a section entitled Resources. We’‘ll use this section to post summaries and links to some of the important information and resources related to our profession. You’ll also notice as section named Collaborators. This section will list anyone who wants to start having a more substantial relationship contributing content to our site. Finally, we have Forums. This is where we’ll communicate with each-other. The forums are visible only to those who are registered and logged-in members of the site. Initially, I have only one topic running, and that’s a topic asking for contributions of ideas for how this site can improve itself. It’s a brainstorming session about what this site might become. Please register (by clicking the registration link in the top-right of any page), and join in the discussion.

I look forward to getting to know many of those reading this in the future, and want you all to know that I don’t consider this site mine, but want to offer it to the community. Initially, I’m excited to facilitate this. Welcome again and I look forward to growing more professionally because of my interaction with you all. ( would like to give a special thanks to my daughter Mahlin who I let type the last few sentences of this post 😊.